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Reliable serialisation and labeling systems for the manufacturers of pharmaceutical products can put an end to the very serious global trade in illegal drugs once and for all. With 2011/62/EU Directive, the European Union has brought the initiative to combat the life threatening counterfeiting of medicinal products irrevocably closer to victory. Result: Mandatory serialisation in the US and EU. Time for all pharma and cosmetic entities to comply with DSCSA guidelines.

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News & Events

Oct 1 2018

” SecureRx enters into a Development agreement with telecanor global limited, “

June 1 2019

” SecureRx launches the Verification Router Service as an API for connectivity “

May 12 2019

” SecureRx has filed a patent in the United States for implementation of track and trace solution using Blockchain technology”

June 24 2019

” SecureRx has been accorded membership in the prestigious , Healthcare Distribution Alliance “






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